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About Us

Curis Creek Group

We pride ourselves on putting customer service first with providing flexible solutions for bulk material handling. Our Privately owned Barge Terminal currently serves as a hub for material traveling to as far south as North Carolina and as far north as Upstate New York. We can accommodate American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) barges as well as Intracoastal barges loaded up to 5,250 tons of material or 15' of Draft at MHW. Our experienced loading team has extensive experience in assisting with Ship and Barge Maneuvering, Crew Coordination, Material Handling and Equipment Operation. We can provide Potable Water Services, Trash Services, and Temporary Berthing Services to standby for weather conditions or bring your OEM Technician out for a Repair.

Our Team

William B

Founder Curtis Creek Group
& Stahl Point Terminal

Matthew B

Port Operations Manger

Joe B

Port Transportation Manger

Greg M

Yard & Equipment Manager


Lead Operator


Tons of Material Moved & Counting
Tons Loaded on 2 Barges in 14 Hours
Trucks Per Day
Years of Barge Servicing
Capable of Loading 2 Barges Simultaneously